03 Nov 14

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Do you want to:

Feel fitter and have more energy?

Sleep better?

Feel more confident?

Be less stressed?

Improve your body shape, posture and strength?

Lower your blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol?
Have you:

Wasted money on gym membership which you don’t use?

Wasted time on gym sessions which don’t work?

Tried numerous different diets only to put all the weight back on?

Looked in the mirror and thought ‘Oh dear!’?

“I have a muscle weakness on my left side … I came across Ellie and within a few weeks of working with her there was a big improvement in my muscle strength and mobility” - Paul


Whatever your goal - looking great on your wedding day, running a marathon, preparing to have a baby or dropping a dress size EPfitness will design you an individual programme to get there. Based on your needs and on what exercise you enjoy doing we will encourage and motivate you. We can train in the great outdoors - your garden or local park, in your home or at our small private gym suite in Caythorpe. We will be there, on time and with a smile ready to train at a mutually convenient place.



“98% of people who diet either don’t lose

weight or regain what they lost”  

American Dietetics Association


Let EPfitness show you how to take control of your diet for ever. Achieve real lasting results that you won’t get from any other so-called diet.

“You are what you eat!”

It’s time to be the best you can be. Changing your diet can also help with a range of ailments. If you have a specific condition such as gluten sensitivity, arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) contact Ellie to discuss your options.

EPfitness Gym Suite

“I asked Ellie to put together a personal fitness plan targeting specific muscles that were weak…within 5 weeks…..I had more energy and was better prepared for my job” - Faith